Watch: Make This Quick And Easy Cheesy Garlic Bread Without Oven In Just 15 Minutes


We all can agree that garlic bread is one of the easiest things to make, just 15 minutes of preparation, and you can cook this up for small hunger or for when the guests come over your plays. The butter, cheese, a few vegetables and the smell of freshly melted cheese is what attracts us to this snack. From kids to adults, most people seem to enjoy garlic bread. It is one of the easy snacks to make at home, though some might think that it is difficult to make this snack at home without an oven, not to worry! We bring you a perfect and quick recipe to make garlic bread at home without using an oven or sooji!

From kids to adults, most people seem to enjoy garlic bread

The recipe shared by food vlogger “Cooking with Parul” can be made hassle-free and effortless.

Here Is The Recipe For Garlic Bread Without Oven

To make this, you would require four tablespoons of butter, chopped garlic, one-fourth spoon of salt, one tablespoon of oregano, finely chopped coriander, any kind of bread, and cheese.

Mix the butter, garlic, salt, oregano and coriander. Take the bread and spread the butter mix on top of the bread. Then put the cheese on top of the bread. On a pan, spread some oil, and put the bread on the pan. Cook on low flame for 4 minutes and cover with a big plate. Check the garlic bread after 4 minutes when the cheese melts, add chilli flakes and enjoy!

You Can Watch The Video Here:

Make this recipe at home and let us know how you like it!

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