Watch: How To Make Imly Ki Khatti Meethi Candy – A Healthy Toffee For Your Kids


This homemade imly candy recipe is a must-try.


  • Imly candy is a healthier alternative to store-bought sweets.
  • It is made with a combination of tamarind and dates.
  • Watch the recipe video to make it at home.

You may find a range of branded toffees in the market to please the kids. But our childhood was spent licking on the homemade candies made with common food ingredients. Orange candies, mango candies and a whole lot of other sweets were attractive enough for the 70s and 80s kids. Make your children revisit your childhood with this khatti methi homemade imly candy. Nostalgia coupled with mouthwatering flavours will warm up your heart. Imly candy with the lip-smacking sweet and sour taste will surely impress your kids too.

This imly candy recipe was posted on the YouTube channel ‘Cooking With Reshu’. The toffee is made by combining imly (tamarind) and dates (khajoor). Jaggery adds extra sweetness to the sweet. No refined sugar, no artificial flavour and colours. This is the perfect treat you should give to your kids, without any guilt.

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How to make imly candy | Imly candy recipe

Step 1 – Soak 100 gms of imly in warm water for half an hour.

Step 2 – Mash it to a pulp and remove the seeds.

Step 3 – Grind the imly pulp along with 100 gms of khajoor (dates). Add some water to grind well to make a smooth paste.

Step 4 – Strain the paste and discard remaining mixture.

Step 5 – Heat the pulp in a pan. Add gur (jaggery) and bring it all to boil.

Step 6 – Add white salt, black salt, red chilli powder, roasted cumin powder and one tbsp ghee. Mix well and cook till the mixture thickens.

Step 7 – Turn off the gas and let it cool down and thicken a bit more. Take a spoonful of mixture and fold in a wrapper and twist the ends to make into toffees. Likewise, make different toffees from the mixture.

Watch recipe video of homemade imly khatti methi candy:


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