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If you have ever been to Kolkata, then you surely have tried its popular street food – egg roll. Omelete, ketchup and salad, wrapped in a fried paratha – egg roll defines everything yummy, greasy and decadent. This toothsome treat got popularised in Kolkata during the British era, who found rolls to be a ‘desi’ version of their wraps. Although roll finds its roots in a Bengali kitchen, today we find at least one roll joint in every city across India. That’s not all. Many of us make it at home too. And subsequently, we often end up customizing the traditional recipe to make it healthier. If you ask us, we replace maida with atta in the recipe; and also avoid frying the paratha at times. Instead, we simply make roti and wrap eggs and other ingredients in it.

Likewise, we recently came across an egg roll recipe that completely eliminates usage of atta, maida or any kind of flour in it. Sounds fascinating, right? Here, we use the omelette as the roti and roll it with a yummy yogurt-based spread in it. This makes the egg roll a perfect option for the ones who prefer keeping a check on their calorie intake. And if you are on a low-carb diet, then this egg roll can be a go-to recipe for you.

The combination of spicy omelette and flavourful yogurt spread left a strong impression on our palate; which is why we thought of sharing the recipe with you. So, without further ado, let’s jump into the recipe.

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Easy Egg Roll Recipe: How To Make Egg Roll Without Maida:

  • Whisk eggs with some milk, salt and black pepper. Keep aside.
  • Add butter in a pan and grease well.
  • Add eggs and fry until both sides turn slightly brown on both sides.
  • Take curd in a bowl and add salt, green chillies, coriander leaves and grated onions.
  • Spread the curd mix on the omelette.
  • Roll it and serve with ketchup and onions by the side.

What are you waiting for? Take out some eggs from the refrigerator and make yourself an easy and healthy egg roll in just a few minutes. Let us know how you liked it.

Watch the complete recipe video in the header section.

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