Watch: How To Make Chana’r Jilipi – A Bengali-Style Jalebi That Spells Indulgence


Think Indian mithai and one of the first options that comes to our mind is jalebi. A crunchy delight dunked in sugar syrup – jalebi never fails to win hearts. It is in fact one classic dessert that holds a constant position in every dessert menu, at every party or festivity. But did you know, jalebi sees multiple variations in the recipe? Besides the quintessential one, today you also get jalebis made with aloo, beetroot, apple and more. That’s not all. In Bengal, you also find jalebi made with chenna (or paneer). It’s called chana’r jilipi. Sounds interesting, right?

Chenna jalebi is a sweet dish that has jalebi-like spiral shape and looks and tastes much like gulab jamun. Unlike the quintessential jalebi, this dish is softer, juicier and is dunked in syrup that is lighter than the regular syrup we use to make classic jalebi.

Here we bring this traditional Bengali Chana’r jilipi recipe that is uncomplicated and easy to make. This recipe has been shared by food vlogger Ananya Banerjee on her YouTube channel (named ‘Ananya Banerjee’). Let’s take a look at the recipe.

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How To Make Chana’r Jilipi | Bengali-Style Chenna Jalebi Recipe:

Step 1. Curdle the milk with some vinegar or lemon.

Step 2. Strain the whey water through a soft cotton or muslin cloth and take the chenna. Keep aside.

Step 3. Add sugar and water in a deep base pan and boil into syrup. Add cardamom husk for flavour.

Step 4. Take some sooji and water and mix and keep aside.

Step 5. Again boil milk and reduce it to a rabri-like consistency and keep aside.

Step 6. Now, take the chenna out of the muslin cloth and mash and knead properly.

Step 7. Add baking soda and ghee, sooji water and rabri and mix well. Knead into soft dough.

Step 8. Now make a cylinder out of the dough and cut into small pieces.

Step 9. Roll each of those small pieces and fold in the shape of jalebi.

Step 10. Deep fry the jalebis until golden brown in colour and dunk it in sugar syrup.

And you have soft, moist and juicy jalebis ready to be relished. Make it at home and enjoy a delectable sweet-treat anytime of the day. For other such unique jalebi recipes, click here.

Watch The Detailed Recipe Video Of Bengali Chenna Jalebi:

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