Watch: How To Make Bubble Tea At Home With These Easy Recipes


Bubble tea is very easy to make.


  • Ever tried frothy and creamy bubble tea?
  • Here are two kinds of bubble tea you can try making.
  • Watch the recipe video to make it at home.

Those who don’t like the usual hot and strongly caffeinated teas, bubble tea is their ideal choice. Frothy, sweet and creamy, bubble tea is more like a rejuvenating drink for good taste. The flavoured tea with tapioca pearls floating inside tastes amazing and is liked by people of all ages, kids and adults, alike. The tea is shaken or blended to produce froth and bubbles, and hence the name – bubble tea. Do you know how to make it at home? Well. It is surprisingly quite easy, if you have the right ingredients and the perfect recipe with you.

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This NDTV Food recipe video shows how to make bubble tea in two different flavours.

First is Taro Bubble Tea. Taro is a root vegetable used extensively in Indian cuisine. To make taro bubble tea, we use taro powder, which is available in most of the stores and online marketplaces. All you have to do is blend together ice cubes, tea, water, taro powder, non-daily creamer and sugar syrup or sugar in a mixer-grinder. Pour the tea over a glass with tapioca pearls sitting in the bottom. And your taro bubble tea is ready. So simple!

Next one is Melon Bubble Tea. This is made by combining ice cubes, water, tea, honeydew melon powder, non-daily cream and sugar syrup, then pouring it over some tapioca pearls in a glass. 

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Both these bubble teas with different flavours look attractive and taste superb. If you want to give your regular hot tea or green tea a break, try these bubble teas or create your own with the same recipe but with any flavour of your choice. Enjoy!


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