Watch: Grandma’s Sweet Reaction To Her Birthday Cake Will Make You Go ‘Awww’


It is often said that old age is like a second childhood. Our grandparents are the simplest example of this – and how they express joy and pleasure at the simplest of things. When it comes to enjoying life to the fullest, we could all take notes from the wisdom our seniors have! Grandparents’ birthdays are also occasions to celebrate, and children go out of their way to make them special. Recently, a Reddit user shared a sweet video of her grandmother celebrating her birthday. As she was about to cut her cake, she was in for a surprise! Watch the video here:

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The heartwarming video was shared on Reddit by user @MeliaDanae, where it received over 6.1k upvotes and several comments. In the clip, we see how the grandmother was anticipating her birthday candle to be a normal one until it burst open like a flower. Her sweet reaction to the birthday cake and the candle was completely adorable. “She must have been thinking: – nothing surprises me anymore in this life… But she was wrong,” read the caption to the post shared by the Reddit user.

The sweet video of the senior citizen won over Reddit users. Some users called her ‘cute’ and ‘adorable’, complimenting the tiara she was wearing. Others wanted to know where they could purchase a similar candle for their loved ones. Take a look at the reactions here:

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