Watch: Giggly Baby Who Can’t Stop Laughing While Being Fed, Is Going Viral


Viral video was shared by American basketball player Rex Chapman


  • Viral baby videos are a hit on the Internet
  • One of the latest viral video shows a baby chuckling each time he is fed
  • The viral video was shared by American Basketball player Rex Chapman

The internet loves babies. The latest viral video tweeted by American Basketball player Rex Chapman is proof. The hilarious video shows a baby who just could not stop laughing each time he saw a spoon approaching. One can see in the video how just a spoonful of food is enough to amuse this toddler, who would first squeal and then start chuckling incessantly. The video has garnered more than 2 million views already, and the internet just cannot seem to have enough of this cute sensation. Chapman called this hilarious video a ‘Timeline cleanser’, and we cannot agree more. The video has been flooded by comments, while some shared their parenthood experiences, some replied with funny memes and…more funny baby videos! Have a look at the tweet and some of the comments here:  

“Baby laughter is the best sound in the world”, wrote a user. 

“A friend just posted a video to FB of her 5 month old’s first giggling fit. I’m dead”, wrote another.  

Some of the most heartwarming comments came from parents:  


Like this comment by a mother who wrote, “I always wanted a giggly baby but instead I got a stoic one . 11 years later straight up serious like her mamma.” 


Or this user who wrote, “Im sitting here with my 15year old daughter whohates me and just wishing for this again.” 

The twitter thread is unarguably one of the most wholesome threads on Twitter right now. Can you guess what was in the spoon that cracked up the baby each time? Do write to us in the comments below. 

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