Watch: Farah Khan Can’t Stop Relishing Her Delicious “Homemade Parathas”


Farah Khan’s mornings can be busy at work but she isn’t the one to dump her food. She brings homemade parathas to work and if you need proof, we have it here. Her latest Instagram post shows the filmmaker busy distributing parathas to her crewmates. That’s how Farah Khan started her Friday morning. In the video, Farah is seen moving around with a tiffin box that has heaps of irresistible parathas in it. Once, she also lifts up a paratha in the air and gazes at it with compassion. After she has distributed it among everyone, Farah looks into the camera and she herself munches on a piece. She wrote, “Early morning reece and homemade parathas.” Have a look:

If Farah Khan’s paratha mania is making us salivate, let’s not worry and rustle up some yummy Indian flatbreads for ourselves. We have a list of paratha recipes that are easy, quick and mouth-watering. Let’s get started:

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1.Chicken Paratha

Filled with juicy chicken chunks and sautéed vegetables, this paratha never fails to win the heart of a chicken lover. It is easily cooked at home and tastes heavenly on the plate.

Make this delicious paratha

2.Sulemani Paratha

Make this delicious and crunchy paratha with all-purpose flour, baking powder, milk and beaten eggs. Roll the smooth dough balls and roast them until they turn into a crispy delight.

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3.Aloo Paratha

This classic paratha recipe never goes out of date. Mash the potatoes with coriander and spices. Stuff them inside the dough balls and roll them into thick sheets. Cook till both sides turn golden.


This is a famous paratha

4.Achari Paneer Paratha

This paratha is a lip-smacking dish with the goodness of soft paneer and the zing of achar. You can put some chopped ginger and garlic to the filling to add flavour. Serve hot with curd or chutney of choice.


This paratha is lip-smacking

5.Cabbage stuffed paratha

Cook these stuffed parathas with onions, cabbage, potatoes and a variety of Indian spices. Make it a delightful breakfast with green chutney or yoghurt. 

Make these parathas and let us know which one of them you liked the best!

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