Watch Elli AvrRam ace a not so easy Pilates routine


Elli AvrRam‘s Pilates routine may look easy to you because of the precision that she is doing it with, but in reality, it is lot more difficult – we can imagine. Elli is an absolute fitness enthusiast and there is not much that she cannot ace to perfection. From high intensity workout routines to yoga to stretches, Elli is our fitness goal for a lot of reasons.

Elli loves being at the gym. When not working, the actor is often spotted in the quaint corners of her gym working out in animal mode, under the supervision of her fitness trainer. The actor also keeps sharing snippets of her routine on her Instagram profile with the intention of motivating her Instagram family to start taking up workouts seriously.

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A day back, Elli shared a short glimpse of her Pilates routine on her Instagram profile and it is redefining dedication, flexibility and balanced movements for us. In the video, Elli can be seen standing on a rail of sorts with her legs stretched to both sides. Then she can be seen bending her body and touching her feet with her other hand. Dressed in a black tee shirt and a pair of khaki gym shorts, Elli can be seen doing the process repeatedly and slaying it with her balanced movements. In the caption, Elli also clarified that even though the routine looks easy, it was very difficult to ace it. “Looks easy but trust me it ain’t,” Elli wrote. Take a look at her workout video here:

Pilates come with multiple health benefits for the body. It helps in improving muscle strength and flexibility, thereby enhancing the mobility of the body. It also helps in toning the muscles of the lower back, hips and buttocks and the abdominal region. Pilates also help in gaining more muscle control.

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