Watch: Baked Yogurt Recipe: A 10-Minute Healthy Dessert That Will Make Your Day


Curd is a significant part of the Indian diet. We cannot imagine our meals without a bowl of curd on our table. We love it with our parathas, we enjoy it as chilled lassi in summers, we make curd rice or Kadhi chawal out of it and how can we forget the famous Bengali sweet dish mishti doi. Curd has a special place in all four corners of the country and is widely used as the base of a lot of Indian curries. It is probiotic in nature and is great for your gut health – the cooling and soothing effects help with an upset stomach and make it one of the best comfort foods.

Yogurt consumption helps in maintaining gut health

When trying to include curd in your diet we are usually handed only the savoury versions; but what if we tell you that you can ad this probiotic goodness to your desserts as well?! We have just the dish for you – baked yogurt. Yes, you can bake your yogurt, and no, it doesn’t lose its benefits. Baked yogurt is an easy dessert that has similarities to our very own Bengali bhappa doi and uses almost the same ingredients. The only difference is in the usage of cream which gives baked yogurt a more caramel custard touch.

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This dessert is easy to make and requires minimum ingredients. You need not worry if you don’t have an oven, you can steam this dessert in a big pan or a cooker as well. Let’s see how to make baked yogurt at home.

How to make baked yogurt:

To start with, you will need to strain and make hung curd out of your regular curd. To this hung curd, add half parts condensed milk and one fourth part cream. Mix everything nicely and pour it into ceramic bowls. Take this and bake at 180 degrees for 20 mins or steam in a pan for 25-30mins. Let it cool and serve with a garnish of your choices like fruits or nuts.

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Watch the full recipe video of baked yogurt in the header section.

Get baking this simple yet classic dessert and let us how you like it in the comments below.

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