WATCH: Baba Sehgal raises Covid-19 awareness with his version of Rasputin


The rising number of Covid-19 cases and relating deaths in India have brought out the best and worst of the human spirit. Citizens and celebrities are doing everything in their power from raising funds and amplifying leads to providing beds and helping maintain the sanities of not only themselves but those around them, in whatever way possible. And most recently, yesteryear rapper Baba Sehgal took to his social media feeds to raise awareness about Covid-19 but in the most unique fashion, as one would expect from the Punjabi rapper. Baba Sehgal shared a video of himself singing to the tune of Boney M’s famous song Rasputin, and as one would expect, the video soon went viral. Baba shared the video with the caption, “Boney M sang Rasputin, Baba Sehgal sings Protein.”

In the video’s YouTube description, Baba Sehgal wrote, “This is a fantastic track, a cover of Boney M – Rasputin. I have recreated it into a Hindi cover titled Protein and it’s an out and out Covid Awareness Song. The second wave of Corona has almost put the entire country on Lockdown. I hope am able to put a smile on your faces under these stressful times”. He shared the video to his Instagram as well, writing, “Lockdown khulney ka matlab yeh nahi key hum Chaudey ho jayein, Mazboot itna karo khud ko key Dil sey hum hathaudey ho jayein.”

Since the video was posted, it soon went viral and given that Baba Sehgal himself lost his father to the disease, viewers couldn’t help but laud the raper for doing his best to educate while also entertaining his fans during such tough times. One fan comments, “Only legends can make songs on coronavirus.” The lyrics of the song advice fans to maintain social distancing, wear masks, not to head out even if the lockdown lifts, to listen to doctors, wash hands with soap and many more such pieces of advice. The 2.2-minute music track also has Baba requesting people to not be careless, gargle and take steam.

Baba Sehgal recently lost his father to Covid-19 around three weeks ago in mid April. He had shared the news with his fans along with several photos of himself with his father. He wrote, “Dad left us today earlier morning.. Warrior the whole life but lost to Covid. Please keep him in your prayers. Stay Safe and Blessed.” In an interview with ABP News, Baba Sehgal had said, “My father was recovering well from COVID-19. Suddenly, late in the evening, his oxygen level dropped. On Monday night, when my father’s oxygen level decreased suddenly, it was really hard to take him to the hospital. An ambulance was managed with great difficulty and then as soon as he was taken to the hospital, there were no oxygen cylinders. There was also no provision of beds for new patients and there was already facing a shortage of ventilators. If all the things were arranged in time, then perhaps my father would not have died.”

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