Watch: Adorable Toddler Mixes Water With Puris To Make Her Own Version Of Pani Puri


The internet is full of adorable and funny videos that never fail to make us smile. Whether you like to watch cute animal videos or funny baby videos, there is always something that tugs at our heartstrings. And one such video that will undoubtedly brighten up your day is of an adorable toddler who can be seen making her own version of ‘pani puri’. The video shows the toddler is sitting with a plate and mixing water with her puris while her mother records the cute incident.

The video, uploaded by @mischief_mamma, shows the child mixing her puris with water to make a quick pani puri. In the video, the user wrote, “That innocence of a child who took it literally and that’s how you make pani puri!” Further explaining in the caption of the video, she also told that they had given the child an empty puri one day. The next day when the mother served the toddler puri, sabzi and sevvaiyan for lunch and went back to the kitchen, she came to a pleasant surprise of her daughter adding water to puris. Take a look at the video:

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Ever since the video was uploaded, it has garnered 180K views, more than two thousand likes and several comments. Many people have reacted to the video calling the little girl’s act precious, innocent and pure!

While this was just one example of how much this adorable toddler loves having pani puri, there is another video in which she can be seen with her mother at a pani puri stall. As soon as the vendor puts the pani puri on their plate, the toddler starts moving and smiles in excitement! In the video, it was written, “I can never give away my pani puri to anyone!” Take a look at it below:

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