Want to challenge your core and fix posture? Try 5 Plank exercises by Yasmin Karachiwala


There may be a few hours to go before this weekend comes to an end, but that does not mean you cannot pack in a few minutes of workout to make this day count. If you need motivation, you have to take a look at celebrity fitness and Pilates trainer Yasmin Karachiwala‘s latest Plank exercise video that will have you pumped up for the coming week too.

Yasmin took to Instagram recently to post a 300 second Plank challenge video in which she shared five intense Plank variations to work the core muscles. She posted the video with the caption, “They say time stops when you try to do a plank. Burn! Shred and Sweat cause, YK300Challenge is here. The most exciting and intense challenge.”

Yasmin gave a tutorial for all the five exercises that she mentioned in her post. She did Forearm Plank (30 Seconds), Full Plank (30 seconds), Plank to T (30 seconds), Forearm Plank to T (30 seconds) and Reverse Plank (30 seconds) in the video. Watch it here:


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According to Yasmin’s post, to get the maximum benefit of this Plank challenge, one should practise two rounds of all exercises and follow a few dos and don’ts. She asked her followers to drink eight glasses of water, eat a handful of nuts, have two servings of fruits and vegetables, exercise daily, and sleep for 7-8 hours. Additionally, she suggested avoiding “soda, alcohol, dairy, red meat, pasta, and sugar”.


These plank exercises will challenge your core and will help you in correcting your posture. Other benefits of doing Planks are improved body alignment, flexibility, metabolism, and overall mental and physical health.

Earlier, Yasmin had shared a fat burn and abs challenge video in which she shared five exercises for each routine. For the abs challenge, she asked her followers to do Butterfly Sit-Up Punches, Static Dumbbell Crunch with Bicycle, Weighted Crab, Russian Twist, and Reverse Plank Alt Knee Tuck.



The fat-burn challenge includes exercises like Cross Jack Front Raise, Drop Squat Alt Floor Touch, Power Sprint, Split Lunge to Drop Squat, and Kick + Double Pogo Jump.

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