Wait, What? McDonald’s Is Giving Away Free iPhones To New Recruits


The fast food industry has seen an extreme shortage of labour in the past one year, especially in the United States. The long working hours and minimal wages are some of the factors which affect the new recruitments in fast food outlets. In order to incentivise new recruits, McDonald’s in Illinois has come up with an interesting offer to entice workers to apply for jobs at the restaurant. The fast food giant is offering a free iPhone to new hires if they stick on for six months at the outlet. Finding it hard to believe? Take a look at the picture of the sign shared on Twitter:

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“NOW HIRING, FREE iPhone,” read the text in bold letters on the poster by burger giant McDonald’s. The fine print also stated the conditions, “After 6 months employment & meet employment criteria.” The picture of the sign was shared on Twitter by user @brogawd_. The tweet received over 226.3k likes and 31.3k retweets since the time it was shared.

Twitter users were quite intrigued to see the call for employment with a freebie involved too. Some said that McDonald’s should pay good wages and ensure a decent working environment rather than offering an iPhone. Others were suspicious of the ’employment criteria’ mentioned on the poster, saying that it was a way to wiggle out of the scheme at a later stage.

Take a look at the reactions:

This is not the first time that McDonald’s in the US has tried to attract new recruits. In April 2021, a Florida outlet of the burger chain was offering 50 USD to candidates for just appearing for the interview. Take a look at the image here:

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