Wait, What! Dutch Chef Whips Up World’s ‘Most Expensive’ Burger Worth Rs. 4 Lakh


A burger is one go-to comfort food for many of us. It is uncomplicated, wholesome and super easy to make. All we need to do is throw in the stuffing of our choice in between a bun and indulge. And the best part is that it leaves us with enough room to experiment and go creative. Hence, we find multiple versions of a burger recipe across the globe – from the simplest desi aloo tikki burger to the most exotic lamb burger, hamburger and more. In fact, we all have our unique take on an everyday burger, customised as per our palate. Likewise, a Dutch chef recently prepared a burger that included all things lavish, fancy and exotic. That’s not all. The burger is also deemed the ‘most expensive’ one in the world.

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Chef Robbert Jan de Veen of Netherland’s De Daltons diner recently cooked up a burger that costs a whopping Rs 4,41,305 (€5,000) for a single piece. Yes, you read that right! Robbert Jan de Veen – popularly referred to as ‘King of hamburgers’- shared a glimpse of the exotic burger on Instagram and named it ‘the Golden boy’. “Smoking hot. World’s most expensive hamburger! -the Golden Boy,” the post read. Take a look:

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What goes into making the Golden Boy? According to De Dalton’s official website, this burger includes Japanese A5 Wagyu brisket and chuck short ribs, king crab, Dom Perignon champagne onion rings, Paleta Ibérico Bellota ham, white truffle, beluga caviar, smoked saffron and chive mayonnaise made with duck eggs, barbecue sauce made with Kopi Luwak coffee and Macallan Single Malt Whisky Rare Cask, English Wyke Fams truffle cheddar, matcha pickled tiger tomatoes and cucumber, Dom Perignon champagne and saffron gold leaf bread and whisky infused smoke. Sounds fancy, right?

“Eating ‘The Golden Boy’ is a unique experience,” stated Chef Robbert. “The ingredients complement each other very well and the flavours are intense. Even though this burger is extremely costly, you should still use your hands because that’s the only way to eat a burger. Since the bun is covered in gold leaf, your fingers will be golden by the time you finish,” he further explained.

As per an official statement by the restaurant, the first edition of the Golden Boy is sold in June for €5000 and was eaten by Rober Willemse, chairman of the Royal Dutch Food and Beverage Association. It also stated that the whole amount was donated to the food bank to buy food packages for the needy.

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