Viral Wrap Hack Gets A Nutella Makeover By A Famous Baker; Watch Recipe Video

Viral Wrap Hack Gets A

Viral wrap hack used to make dessert.


  • A technique to make wraps with secured edges went viral recently.
  • A baker used this hack to make a sweet layered wrap.
  • Watch the recipe video to make it at home.

We thank the internet and the many creative minds that think out-of-the-box and share some incredible cooking hacks with the world. One hack that was recently one of the most trending ones, and a rather useful one, was that of making 4-layer wrap in just one simple step. Tortilla wraps are loved by almost everyone, but to eat it without messing up your hands and plate is quite a task. The filling often falls out from the sides while holding and taking a bite from the wrap. An Instagram video came up with a genius tip to make a layered wrap with closed edges, which doesn’t let the food fall out.

The 4-layer wrap hack made waves all across the social media with several people finding it immensely useful. Taking this unique wrap-making technique a notch higher, a popular baker gave it a sweet twist. British baker Eloise Head came up with an interesting wrap dessert using the same 4-layer hack and posted the recipe video on her Instagram page FitWaffle Kitchen.

Take a look at the video:

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Eloise called this version ‘Dessert Wrap Hack’ that is made with Biscoff, Nutella, Oreo and toasted marshmallow fluff. Just like the process goes, she made a cut in the centre of the round tortilla wrap all the way to its edge. Then she placed the ingredients in 4 separate quarters. Starting with one edge, she folded it all up and in a matter of seconds, and a secure sweet wrap was made. The only thing left to do was to grill it in a toaster oven.

The viral recipe video clocked in almost 65,000 likes and thousands of comments at the time of filing this story.


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