Viral Video: This Amazing 2-Feet-Long Chicken Egg Roll Is Making All The Foodies Drool


As Indians, our love for street food is immense. No matter if it’s Indian street food, desi Chinese and now even pastas and pizzas – the taste of the food made by the street vendors is always lip-smacking! Over the years, we all have evolved and experimented with various flavours, so much so that we now have our very own Indianized version of different cuisines. And one such meal that is loved by all is the delicious rolls. Whether it is a roll stuffed with veggies, a Manchurian roll or even a cheesy aloo roll- this dish is always spicy, flavorful and fulfilling to have! While we can easily find this food anywhere, today, we bring you a unique roll that is two feet long, and has gone viral on social media.

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Egg roll is easy to make

As surprising as it may sound, a two-foot-long roll really does exist! Recently a food vlogger by the name of ‘beingtanishh’ posted a video of a street vendor in Delhi who makes a huge chicken and egg roll. This street vendor has his stall in Delhi’s Model Town area by the name of Patna Roll Center. The viral video of the 2-feet-long chicken roll has garnered more than nine lakh views, and 44 thousand likes and many people have commented on it.

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In the video, you can see the street vendor who first takes six doughs and then rolls out a paratha from it. Then as he makes it on the tawa, he breaks eight eggs on it and cooks it for a while. Next, he adds tandoori mayo, chicken seekh, mutton seekh, noodles, sirka pyaaz and tops it off with some other sauces, chutneys and spices! Take a look:

This roll costs around INR 600, and a vegetarian version of it is also available, which costs up to INR 400.

We are sure that this roll would have definitely made you hungry and drooling! So let us know in the comments what do you think of this roll?

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