Viral Video Of Ice Cream Made With McDonald’s Burger Horrifies Twitter


A shocking video combines McDonald’s burger with ice cream.


  • A video has surfaced online making a burger-flavoured ice cream
  • The bizarre combination got netizens aghast
  • The clip has gone viral on Twitter

Burger is one of the most popular fast food items globally. Who doesn’t love a lip-smacking burger with a sumptuous patty, delectable sauces and crunchy veggies? A quick yummy burger followed by an ice cream is a meal which would instantly perk us up on the lowest of days. But what if we told you someone combined the two together? Yes, there is such a disastrous dish and yes, it exists. A viral video on Twitter showed how an ice cream parlour took the McDonald’s chicken burger and crushed it to turn it into ice cream rolls. Watch it to believe it:

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Shared by Twitter user @darshanpathak, the video has received over 240k views and counting. The weird ice cream made with McDonald’s chicken burger was prepared and served in the ice cream roll style which has become popular in the recent past. In the 1-minute 58-second viral clip, we saw a person’s hands taking a burger and then slowly mashing it to a pulp. Milk and cream were added to this bizarre creation much to the internet’s collective disgust. The strange ice cream was then rolled up and served in a paper cup.

Twitterati couldn’t help but express their shock on seeing the horrible ice cream. Several users wanted to unsee the video, while others called for a ban against the dairy brand. Take a look:

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Users could not believe the horrible treatment to their favourite chicken burger. Well, one thing is certainly for sure – while some food combinations are to die for, others are best had separately. What did you think of the bizarre video? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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