Viral Video Of Dog Being Fed ‘Imaginary Treats’ Will Make You Smile


This adorable dog has won over Instagram.


  • Dog videos are much adulated on the internet
  • A recent viral video features Maya the dog being fed treats
  • The hilarious clip will make you smile

Dog videos are undoubtedly one of the most adorable things about the internet. Canine lovers often spend their time watching pet dogs and their cute antics. It comes as no surprise when these videos go viral, garnering views by the millions. Recently, a video of Boomer, the Samoyed from California, enjoying an ice cream cone had made the internet smile. And now, another Samoyed from a different part of the world has gone viral on social media. Maya is a Samoyed from Germany goes by the Instagram handle, @mayapolarbear and has over 1.9 million followers. A sweet video of hers has recently got netizens going ‘Awww’. Take a look:

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In the short video posted on Instagram Reels, we could see the dog Maya being fed ‘imaginary treats’ by her owner Lingli Ye. There was nothing in her hand, and she was just pretending to take some dog food off her kitchen counter and putting it in her pet’s mouth. Maya too kept on munching on air till the fifth time, when she realised she wasn’t being fed anything. “The moment she realized it,” read the caption to the post. This is a common challenge called the ‘Imaginary Treat Challenge’ which several famous pooches have taken part in.

The epic video went on to rake in over 3.7 million views on Instagram. Netizens couldn’t help but react to Maya’s innocence. “Poor Maya,” wrote one user in the comments section, while another hilariously wrote, “That’s what we call empty calories.” Several others called for Maya to be fed with actual dog food treats for realising it was a farce.

Maya is known for being quite the foodie among her followers. From cooking food to trying different kinds of treats to review them, the cute Samoyed does it all. Take a look at some more foodie videos from her handle:

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