Viral Video: Hungry Bride Devours Pizza McPuff Before Wedding And We All Can Surely Relate


There is no doubt about the fact that Indian weddings are long and tiring. While there are many functions to attend, people to meet and arrangements to check upon, we end up feeling drained. And for the bride, this process is even longer as they have to meet all the relatives and get ready in the early hours before the ‘baraat’ enters. During this time, it’s evident that the bride might end up feeling hungry and when that happens, all they want is something delicious to fill their growling stomach. And a video of one such hungry bride has gone viral that is all things adorable.

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Recently, a bride who was waiting for the marriage ceremony to begin, couldn’t help but devour in a Pizza McPuff! In the video, you can see that the bride is dressed in a beautiful lehenga and heavy jewellery; as she scrolls through her phone, the hungry bride gorges onto some Pizza McPuff. But when the bride realises the photographer is filming her, she hides her treat and smiles shyly towards the camera. However, after a few seconds, the bride spills the beans and reveals the treat that she was eating and bursts out laughing. Take a look:

The video is originally uploaded by an Instagram page called ‘dulhaniyaa.’ Ever since the video was posted, it has garnered more than 19 thousand views and 600 likes.

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And let us tell you that this is not the first time that a hungry bride has devoured on her favourite snack! Just a while back, a video of a bride shows her bringing a mouth-watering pani puri filled with stuffing and tangy water to the groom, who opens his mouth to eat it. Then she takes the puri away from him and eats it herself, leaving the groom waiting for his turn! Read all about it here.

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