Video Of DIY Punch Made In Toilet Goes Viral, Twitter Can’t Even


Bizarre videos are found aplenty on the internet. We see all kinds of weird and strange food combinations that netizens come up with, from Croissant Vada Pav to Maggi Ladoo and more. Recently, we saw a weird food trend called ‘Pickled Garlic’ go viral on social media, which is basically garlic marinated in spices and vinegar to make a snackable treat. Turns out these eccentric foods were just the tip of the iceberg! A recently surfaced viral video shows the making of a DIY Punch drink, and the concoction was whipped up with the help of a toilet. Don’t believe us? Take a look:

The video has been shared multiple times on various social media platforms. On Twitter, the user @curlyixing shared the video where it received 6.5 million views and counting. The video was originally sourced from a Facebook page called ‘The Anna Show’. Take a look:

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In the two and a half minute clip, we see the girl in the video starting the recipe with some ice cubes. She then proceeds to add candy into the toilet bowl as well as the flush. Then, she pours multiple soda drinks into the flush such as Sprite, Fanta, etc. Once the flush fills up, she presses the lever to mix it all together. Then she spoons the drink into glasses with a ladle and serves it to her friends, who refuse to drink it knowing that it came from a toilet.

Twitter users could not believe that the viral DIY punch video was real, as many of them called it a prank. Some of them refused to accept the kind of content that people would make just to get views. Take a look at the reactions:

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