Veg Patiala Recipe: A Rich Punjabi Curry Made With Stuffed Papad Roll In It


We’ve got to admit, as soon as we hear ‘Punjabi curries’ our hearts melt as fast as the butter melting on top of butter chicken. Because we know that no matter veg or non-veg, these curries will definitely be decadent and soul-soothing. The rich spices, loads of ghee, butter, and cream make them the top favorites in every household. What we have here today is a similar curry called the – ‘Veg Patiala’. It is one of the famed vegetarian dishes in most restaurant menus and if you’ve ever wanted to savor on those restaurants like masaledaar Punjabi curries at home, this is just the recipe for you.

Punjabi curries are rich and creamy 

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For the uninitiated, Veg Patiala is a lip-smacking curry made with a tomato-based gravy, shredded paneer, cream, ghee, and a special addition – mixed veg stuffed papad. Yes, you read that right! Veg Patiala is made by stuffing crunchy papad with a juicy mixed veg filling and then dipping them in the thick and creamy red gravy. Throw some shredded paneer on top and get ready to dig in, scoop it out with soft fluffy rotis or enjoy with a plate of flavourful jeera rice, the choice is yours. Sounds interesting? Read the recipe and try making this today.

How To Make Veg Patiala l Veg Patiala recipe:

For the stuffing finely chop onions, carrots, beans, cabbages and sauté them in a pan until soft. Lay out the papad and place the filling inside. Seal the edges of the papad with the help of water and make papad rolls. Fry these and keep them aside.

In a pan, heat ghee and add jeera, saunf, tomato puree, cream, butter, and other ingredients to make the thick gravy. Once the gravy is ready, gently place the stuffed papad rolls, garnish with fresh coriander leaves and enjoy.

Click here for the recipe of Veg Patiala.

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There you have it, a restaurant-style Punjabi curry that you can easily make at home. Let us know how you like it, in the comments below.

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