US Restaurant Gives Free Meal To Homeless Man; Internet Impressed With The Kind Gesture


The Internet can be one happy place at times. We often come across news and videos that melt our hearts and load us up with positivity and good vibes. One such instance is this heartfelt news, shared by a woman from the United States, named Janessa Rubino. She recently took to Facebook to share an incident she experienced recently at the US food joint ‘Bagels N’ Buns’. “I would like to just share what I witnessed yesterday morning at Bagels N’ Buns,” she starts her note.

Janessa went on to say that while she was waiting at the counter, she saw a homeless man coming with an empty plastic milk carton and asking for some water. “The worker said, “what are you going to use it for?” Now I’m jumping the gun in my head, thinking he was going to say that if he wanted it for drinking, he has to buy a bottle blah blah blah… ” the note read.

As soon as the man replied, “to drink”, the employee the way to the water cooler and asked him to fill up the bottle he was carrying along. That’s not all. The employee also gave the man a meal after the latter said that he was hungry.

Moved by this gesture, Janessa went up to the cash counter and offered to pay for the meal. But what she hears next left her speechless. “Janessa, that is so kind, but we feed him whenever he is hungry. He always has a meal here, when he needs it,” the employee stated. Scrolling through the post, we also understood that the restaurant has been doing this for years now. Much impressive, right?

Here’s the complete post for you:

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This news was shared across platforms, leaving people in awe. They also shared their thoughts in the comments section below.

“You guys are awesome, caring and thoughtful. Thank you for showing your empathy,” wrote one. Another comment read, “Thank you for your kindness and caring and the dignity you kept for this gentleman, who could be any one of us. Thank thank you for reminding us of compassion we are all capable of towards our neighbours.”

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