US Burger Chain Roasts Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay, See Viral Tweet


Chef Gordon Ramsay was roasted by popular US burger chain Wendy’s.


  • Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is known for his harsh style of critiquing
  • He recently got roasted by popular burger chain Wendy’s
  • Take a look at their fiery exchange on Twitter

Gordon Ramsay is a world famous British chef, author and restaurateur. With numerous television shows, cookbooks and restaurants to his name, he has become a brand name by itself. Chef’s classic harsh way of critiquing recipes and viral videos online is quite a hit with social media users. The sarcastic and witty ‘roasts’ that Gordon Ramsay indulges in are eagerly awaited by his fan following of 7.5 million on Twitter. Popular US burger chain Wendy’s recently took a dig at the celebrated chef in his own classic style of roasting. It all started with a tweet which the Wendy’s official handle shared on Thursday night. Take a look:

“Time for everybody’s favorite made up social media holiday. It’s #NationalRoastDay, like right now. Drop a “Roast Me” below and feel the burn,” read the tweet shared by Wendy’s. They got a number of responses from all over the world, but one response that stood out was Gordon Ramsay’s. The celebrity chef couldn’t resist joining in the fun game. Here’s the reply he shared to Wendy’s tweet:

“What took you so long,” questioned Gordon Ramsay in a GIF reply to the tweet. He thus became a part of Wendy’s roasting contest, asking them to go ahead and take him down. The response that Wendy’s followed up with was a hit with social media users. Take a look:

“Creating a food empire off of insulting people to stay relevant? Real original, Gordon,” read the reply by Wendy’s. The tweet went viral, receiving over 17.5k likes and thousands of retweets and comments. Users were excited to see the face-off between the two most brutally honest and funniest food accounts on Twitter. Many also pointed out that Gordon Ramsay was the original king of roasts on television, while Wendy’s only joined the roasting trend on Twitter much later.

Here are some of the best responses by users:

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