UK Man Complains Of ‘Just 9 Centimeters’ Chicken Fillet In Nando’s Burger; Twitter Reacts


A burger is America’s comfort food, but the world loves it just as much, if not more. Juicy patty, crunchy veggies and some flavourful sauces sandwiched between a soft and fluffy bun – a perfectly made burger never fails to win hearts. In fact, it provides the ultimate comfort to our hungry soul. However, we recently came across a person from the United Kingdom who seems to take his burgers a bit more seriously. The man, named Jason Kurensky, went overboard with his food preference and literally measured the size of the chicken fillet he got in his chicken burger. Yes, you read it right!

Jason Kurensky, on June 20th, took to his Twitter handle to share his experience with a chicken burger he ordered from fast-food chain Nando’s. He posted a picture of the burger that cost around 700 INR (£6.75). In the image, we could see him measuring the chicken patty with a measuring tape that read 9cm. “Not even a 10cm piece of chicken for £6.75. I have been a customer for almost 20 years! The tomato slice is bigger!” he wrote alongside and mentioned that this experience was “appalling”. Check out the tweet here:

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The post left Twitter users in splits and people instantly reacted to this ‘bizarre’ act by Jason Kurensky. “What sort of danger takes a tape measure for food, measures the meal and puts it online for likes?” wrote one. Another comment read, “This guy would complain about getting 21 nuggets in his 20-piece share box.”

Find some hilarious more comments below:

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