Twinkle Khanna Is All Set To Dig Into This Healthy Snack While Watching Her Favourite Show; Guess What It Is

Twinkle Khanna Is All Set To Dig Into This Healthy Snack While Watching Her Favourite Show; Guess What It Is

Twinkle Khanna shared a picture of her go-to snack.


  • Twinkle Khanna is very popular on social media.
  • In her latetst post, she revealed her go-to healthy snack.
  • She shared she would be gorgning on this food while watching TV.

Watching TV with a bowl of munchies is one of our favourite pastimes. With so much to explore on Television and OTT space, we love to spend as much time on our couch as possible. The downside of this could be low physical activity coupled with unhealthy snacks that we keep munching on. Bollywood celebrity Twinkle Khanna just gave us a better suggestion through her Instagram post. She revealed how she would be gorging on a super healthy snack while catching up on her favourite show. Want to know what that food is? Read on.

Twinkle Khanna is all set to spend her evenings in front of her TV with a large bowl of lots of makhanas (fox nuts). Actually, it didn’t really come as a surprise because many other celebrities vouch for makhanas and call them as their go-to snack. Kareena Kapoor, for one, is one of the biggest propagators of this nutritious food.

Twinkle Khanna posted a picture of herself holding a huge bowl oh makhanas and wrote: “Getting ready to spend my evenings with lots of makhanas and season 2 of Snowpiercer. There are few things that delight my heart as much as a show about the end of the world and being trapped in a hurtling train that is going in circles endlessly. Or perhaps, it just makes me feel better that we have not reached that point yet!”

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Have you ever wondered why makhana features in so many celebrities’ snacking menu? For starters, it is a low-cal food, also low in cholesterol, making it great for weight loss. It is also gluten-free and rich in proteins and carbohydrates. Not just this, it is also high in potassium and calcium content and also contains anti-inflammatory properties.

Want to try some low-cal makhana snacks like your favourite celebs? Try these healthy makhana snacks recipes.

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