TV Actor Nakuul Mehta Helps Wife Jankee Parekh Cook This Famous Dish; Guess What 


Staying at home is the new way of life for all of us and most of us are using this time to hone our cooking skills in the kitchen, including our favourite celebrities. The latest celeb to join the bandwagon is TV actor Nakuul Mehta along with singer wife Jankee Parekh. Nakuul Mehta has been entertaining us with his captivating poetry on social media all this while, and now he is using the medium to showcase his cooking skills and letting us in a bit more into his day-to-day life. We loved seeing this side of Nakuul, who is seen helping wife Jankee cook a delicious meal by cutting veggies for the dish. 

Jankee Parekh posted a video on her Instagram story that showed her sauteing mushrooms in a pan. She captioned it with “Kitchen mein kya pakk raha hai aaj??” Next story shows husband Nakuul Mehta cutting yellow, red and green capsicum on a vegetable cutting board. Can you guess already what the couple is making? Take a look at these pictures: 

In the end, we finally get to see a gorgeous plate of red sauce pasta, filled with nutritious veggies. Nakuul also garnished the dish with oregano, chilli flakes and some basil leaves and announced the completion of the Italian dish in a funny Italian accent.  

Looks like Nakuul and Jankee are taking their love for food to a whole new level by trying to cook different foods at home. Just a few days ago, Nakuul posted pictures of himself ravaging a plate of noodles. He wrote, “Swipe left for a sustainable step by step guide on how to gently destroy noodles for lunch”. 

‘Ishqbaaaz’ star Nakuul Mehta and wife Jankee Parekh have been winning the internet since giving birth to their son Sufi. We all love being a part of their daily life through social media.

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