Top 5 Places To Visit And Things To Do If You Are In Dubai


This world-class destination is famous for its city-sized malls, bustling souks and white sandy beaches, but it’s also a fabulous place to take your family – it’s safe, sunny and fun and has tonnes of activities, amazing waterparks, all-inclusive restaurants and spectacular sights to see. Dubai is a dazzling jewel in the UAE crown and offers a lot to do for all ages – even teenagers! Here are top 5 things to do in Dubai if you’re planning a holiday with family this year.

Here Are 5 Top Things To Do In Dubai:

Relax on Blissful Beaches

Dubai’s beaches are brimming with beautiful beach cafes, exhilarating watersports and miles of golden and sand to lounge upon. Sunbathe with sparkling skyscrapers as your backdrop on the world-famous Jumeirah Beach or mix with the cool kite surfers on the aptly named Kite Beach and watch their jaw-dropping moves. The consistently warm waters of the Arabian Gulf make holidays in Dubai a great choice any time of the year.


Dine At The World-Class Restaurants

While Dubai has lots of lip-smacking, authentic (and affordable) food to offer (read: shawarma, al harees, Mehalabiya, Baba Ganoush, Karak Chai (spiced Arabic tea) or Jellab et al) at Al Dhiyafah Road and Al Seef, it’s also teeming with dining and elegant gourmet restaurants.  From non-vegetarians to vegetarians and to even vegan, Dubai has something for every foodie. And the list is so long that you will be left spoilt for choice. Some dishes will even make you feel home-like as they represent the tradition of their culture. Our top picks are Wakame (Sofitel Downtown Dubai), At.mosphere (Burj Khalifa), Bread Street Kitchen (Atlantis, The Palm), White Beach (Atlantis, The Palm) and Time Out Market.

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Old Dubai

Within Al-Fahidi Fort, you’ll find the Dubai Museum that offers a fascinating peek into Dubai’s history and culture. This elegant edifice built-in 1800 once protected the city from warring tribal communities. Today it stands proudly as the city’s oldest structure, housing a world of ancient wonders. At the museum explore exhibits about Dubai life and enjoy a huge display of antiquities. A wander through its historic galleries provides a great cultural day.


Waterparks In Dubai 

It’s no surprise that Dubai boasts a few outstanding waterparks and plunge pools but Dubai also hosts the world’s biggest inflatable waterpark in the world, Aqua Fun Waterpark at the Jumeirah Beach. The waterpark features an obstacle course with ramps, slides and wiggle bridges with a capacity of 300 people. 

The Desert Safari

Take a 30-minute drive from Downtown Dubai and you’ll hit the golden desert, one of the main tourist attractions in Dubai. There are lots of activities on offer but our favourite is to spend a night under the stars in the luxurious desert camps. A 4×4 will pick you up from your hotel and drive you out into the heart of the city. Beware, it can be a little bumpy as you drive over the dunes until you reach the Bedouin-style camp. Once at the camp, you can indulge in traditional food and drinks, belly dancing, aerial dance and a fire show. Our Pick: Platinum Desert. A private retreat of one of Dubai’s Royal families where you’ll enjoy a lavish six-course menu. Here you will dine at your cabana surrounded by rolling sand dunes. Gently lit by candles, these cabanas (dotting a small pond in the centre) offered a truly magical experience! It’s so private and yet so public.


For people travelling abroad, safety is usually a concern. However, don’t worry when you are on holiday to Dubai, as it is one of the safest cities in the world. High moral standards among residents, plus strict laws, mean that the crime rate is very low for a city of its size. So, you can holiday in Dubai, without worrying at all.
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