Top 5 Lockdown Food Trends That Are Ruling 2021


It has been more than a year since India’s first lockdown, and the pandemic has changed the way we live and, of course, the way we eat. The pandemic has transformed every aspect of the food and beverage industry. Restaurants are now operating very differently than they used to. To accommodate with the new changes, many restaurants have started food delivery services, cloud kitchens and safer digital menus. Not only this, consumers’ preferences have also changed drastically as they have become extra cautious about personal hygiene to bypass the virus. Here we collate some of the major changes in the functioning of the food industry that we saw in the recent times.

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Following are the food trends that have changed the entire food industry and secured the continuity of the services.

1.Take away and delivery services : Restaurants have started food delivering services keeping up with the changing trends to cater to the customers’ demands. Some big restaurants also have a set of guidelines, showcasing the measures they have taken to ensure good hygiene and safe practice of delivery food.

2. Organic food/plant-based diet: The trend of vegan food has accelerated during the pandemic. People are now more inclined towards organic and plant-based diets. Younger generation seems to be keener on going vegan and healthy. Therefore, restaurants have started introducing and making variations to their vegan menu as well.

3. Immunity-boosting drinks and foods: People are now trying several ways to give boost to their immune health by trying different immunity booster drinks and consuming them every day.

4. Aspiring home chefs: Pandemic has led to a surge in demand of homemade food. Many people have started tiffin services and are making quarantine thalis at nominal costs to help Covid patients and their families. Many small entrepreneurs and home chefs can be seen taking this initiative.

5. Safe digital menu: Restaurants are adopting digital ways for daily operations including digital menu, digital payments and digital feedback. This trend ensures less human contact and safety.

Moreover, this lockdown made a lot of us enter the kitchen and make trending internet recipes.

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