Tiger Shroff finishes his weekend pullups in style


Tiger Shroff never takes a day off from serving us with fresh dollops of motivation. The actor, who is a fitness enthusiast, is always found in the quaint corners of his gym, taking up fitness routines that are not for the faint-hearted. Tiger swears by high intensity workouts and gymnastics and the snippets often make us wonder that if there is anything that the actor cannot do.

From going up in the air and circling his own body four times and coming back down on the ground to performing somersaults back-to-back in the gardens of London – Tiger Shroff manages to make her Instagram family swoon with each and every fitness video that he shares.

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Recently, Tiger aced the 4 circles in air and promised to use it in his next action sequence as well. Tiger Shroff’s Sunday was different than ours. The actor chilled over the weekend in his own way – by working out in the gyn. On his Instagram stories, Tiger shared a short snippet of finishing off a pullup in style. In the video, Tiger with his back to the camera, can be seen finishing the pullup and coming down from the pullup bar and flexing his back muscles before turning his face to the camera and then walking away.

Tiger Shroff’s Instagram story.(Instagram/@tigerjackieshroff)

A few days back, Tiger shared a short snippet of what happens when his action rehearsals do not go as planned. In the video, Tiger can be seen performing the four swirls in air and during the last kick, he can be seen hitting his partner’s belly by mistake. ” When action rehearsals go wrong,” he wrote.


Pullups, as performed by Tiger, come with multiple health benefits. They help in strengthening the back, arm and shoulder muscles and also help in overall grip and body strength. Pullups also improve fitness of the body and the physical and mental health.

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