This YouTuber Survived A Week On Just On $0.01 – Watch Viral Videos


We all saw and now agree that this pandemic brought out the humanity in people who showed empathy and care for each other in these troubled times. All across the globe, everyone is doing their best to help each other out, some of them even going out of their way. This YouTuber came up with an innovative way to raise funds for a food bank to help feed the poor and needy. He took up a strange challenge of surviving for a week in just $0.01 in an attempt to attract attention on social media. 

YouTuber Ryan Trahan has a massive fan following of over 3 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. This one-week challenge with multiple parts for charity is already getting a lot of traction from amused viewers on the video-sharing platform. The first video went viral soon after it was posted and has been viewed more than 7 million times already and got more than 200k likes, generating excitement for the follow-up videos. He titled the video as: “I Survived On $0.01 For 1 Week”. 

Watch it here:

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The video shows Ryan Trahan starting his journey in Fredericksburg, Texas, with just a penny. He also set some rules for the challenge – All profit must come from the penny, and everything he buys must be paid for by the profit from the penny. The funds were generated to be donated to Central Texas Food Bank.

He first bought a pan with the penny, then sold it for a dollar and bought a bag of peppermints with it. He then sold peppermints from the bag and collected $6 from the sales, and went on to start a roadside chocolate and candy selling business!

Here are the next 2 videos of his journey with more to come soon:

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Isn’t it interesting to watch how Ryan accumulated so much for a good cause, starting with just $0.01!

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