This Rich And Creamy Nawabi Paneer Will Satiate And Indulge Your Tastebuds


India is a country that has a majority of vegetarians, and one of the top ingredients that vegetarians love to have is paneer! This ingredient can be fried, grilled, baked, and easily moulded with any gravy, curry, or tikka. Whether it is the delicious paneer butter masala or the crackling paneer tikka, sometimes the flavours of these dishes become very familiar to us. But if you want to give your paneer a new and creamy flavour, we have just the recipe of nawabi paneer for you!

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Just like the name sounds, nawabi paneer is truly fit for Nawabs. Made with curd, milk, cashews, a whole lot of spices and of course paneer, this dish has a creamy texture that melts in the first bite itself. You can easily make this dish when you have a party at your home or simply want to have a new flavour in your meal. This dish is best paired with Tandoori roti or garlic naan and chutney! So, without waiting any further, let’s dive into the recipe of the nawabi paneer.

Nawabi paneer is a creamy dish

Here Is The Recipe Of Nawabi Paneer | Nawabi Paneer Recipe

To make this dish, first take chopped onion, ginger red-chilli powder, pepper, garlic, some water and cashews and salt according to taste and blend these in a mixer. Now in a separate pan, add butter, oil, dry spices and cook till hot. Once done, add the blended masala paste and cook till the raw taste of the onion goes away. Throw in the curd, fold this with the masala paste and then add milk. Finally, add the paneer cubes and combine them with the creamy gravy.

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For the full recipe of nawabi paneer, click here.

Make this delicious dish and let us know how you liked it!

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