This Man Was Selling Homemade Lunch To Buy Fast Food, Wife Isn’t Impressed


The woman narrated the ordeal on Reddit.

Imagine toiling to pack lunch for your family daily, only to discover that they are swapping it for fast food. This is exactly what happened to a woman who recently discovered that her husband was selling the healthy homemade sandwiches at his office. With the money made, he would then buy some fast food for lunch at his office canteen. The woman revealed on Reddit that she and her husband were cutting down on expenses so that they could invest in an apartment. The duo noticed that a lot of money was being spent on purchasing lunch for the husband at the workplace. The woman said that the fast-food lunch bills alone ran up to $300 (around Rs 22,000) a month. Therefore, it seemed like a no-brainer to the couple that the man would take lunch from home and put an end to the practice of buying food from the office canteen. “That way he eats healthy and we spare money for rent,” she wrote in her Reddit post. Take a look:

AITA For no longer making my husband sandwiches to take to work after discovering he was selling them? from r/AmItheAsshole

Things were fine until the husband brought a friend over. During the conversation, the friend praised the woman’s sandwiches. As she thanked him, he added that the price of the sandwiches, however, was a bit high. The woman was stunned to hear this.”I was confused. I asked him to explain and he said that my husband sells the sandwiches to his co-workers and then goes to buy his own lunch from the restaurant,” she wrote. She later confronted her husband, who denied it.

The woman also recalled that the husband never answered when she asked him if he liked her sandwiches. He had often requested her to pack extra sandwiches as “he was hungry”.

Finally, the husband admitted to selling her sandwiches to his colleagues. But he argued that he was not wrong as he was not technically spending their savings on fast food. “He said there was nothing wrong with it. I told him, I will no longer be making sandwiches if he’s selling them to buy fast food…He said, I owe him an apology….He didn’t think it was acceptable of me to lash out, and say I won’t make him sandwiches anymore,” she wrote.

Reacting to her post, one user wrote, “He was profiting off your kindness and labour. He kept that he was selling them a secret because he knew it was wrong.”

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