This Kulfi Dessert By Masterchef Australia Contestant Kishwar Chowdhury Is A Masterpiece


Kulfi, for people across the country, is more than just a creamy rich dessert made from milk. For many, it could very well be described as a nostalgia trip in a bite. The yummy frozen dessert is believed to have originated in India in the 16th century and has been popular in the country ever since. The pure joy one would experience slurping away at the cooling sweetness of a delicious malai or pista kulfi, unbothered by the sweltering summer heat, is unmatched. While ice cream may be more popular globally, it will never enjoy the love kulfi holds in the Indian subcontinent.  And now, bringing the modest and delicious kulfi to the world stage is Masterchef Australia contestant Kishwar Chowdhury.

Kishwar, in a delectable way, paid homage to this yummy dessert on Masterchef Australia. She managed to combine the yumminess of the dish with a brilliant presentation.

Take a look at the gastronomic masterpiece here.

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Kishwar named the drool-worthy dessert “Persian Vanilla And Roses”. The dish comprises vanilla and pepper kulfi with a pistachio sable — which is a delicate and crumbly French cookie– with vanilla icing henna art. This was topped with white chocolate discs infused with pistachios and roses and a rose-ice granita. Kishwar beautifully blended French baking techniques with Indian flavours in the dish.

If Kishwar Chowdhury’s delish dessert has left you craving for some tasty kulfi, we have got you covered with a few easy kulfi recipes to try at home.

 1) Pista Malai Kulfi

 Sweet nutty pista spiced with flavorful cardamom and creamy malai blended together to create a delicious kulfi. You are going to love this easy recipe.

 2) Badam And Gulkand Kulfi

 A deliciously refreshing dessert that mixes crunchy almonds with sweet gulkand spiced with pungent and flavourful saffron. Click here for the recipe. 

3) Kesar Kulfi

This easy recipe is an amalgamation of flavourful Indian spices like cardamom and saffron blended along with crunchy dry fruits like almonds and cashews to create a refreshing and sweet dessert.

Tell us which of these decadent kulfi recipes you enjoyed the most in the comments below. 

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