This Hilarious Tweet On Pomegranate Will Surely Tickle Your Funny Bone


Weekdays are rather monotonous and dull. Following the same routine of waking up and working can get quite tiresome and boring. If you feel this way too, we have found exactly what you need — a quick laugh and some entertainment to brighten up your dull day and make it more interesting. Recently, a Twitter user with the handle @begalikudi shared an image of a few white pomegranate seeds with a crying face emoji in the caption. She wrote, “Yeh kaisa anar hai, isko khud khoon ki zarurat hai (what kind of pomegranate is this, it requires blood itself)”, referring to the white colour of the seeds.

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Posted on June 26, the hilarious tweet has received over 11.2k likes and has been retweeted so far over 1,000 times. It was also got some equally hilarious reactions from other users. From witty and funny to scientific explanations, the comments section was ripe (pun intended) with comic banter.

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One user named Venkat joked that the pomegranate had anemia.

Another user, Meerub, explained that white pomegranates grew on shrubby trees and their seeds “called arils” were “softer than those of the red variety”. The user also added about a couple of health benefits of white pomegranates.

One user, Harsh Singh, commented that the pomegranate needed to be given blood first; only after that would it be able to give blood to someone else.

Pomegranate is packed with nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants that are believed to improve the hemoglobin level in the blood. The fruit is also beneficial for those attempting to lose weight as it has a low-calorie content. Click here to know more about its nutritional and health benefits.

If all this talk about pomegranates has left you craving for some yummy recipes to add this healthy fruit to your diet, click this link.

Tell us what you thought of the hilarious tweet and which of these pomegranate recipes would you include in your diet.

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