Thinking What Snacks To Make At Your Next Party? Take A Look At This Dahi Kurkuri Tikki


From the past one and a half year we all have been locked in our homes; ever since the pandemic has struck us down- we have hardly gone out of our houses. And now, even if the lockdown has been lifted up, it’s always advisable to stay safe and only go outside when absolutely necessary. Despite being locked in our homes, we all have found ways to celebrate the small occasions. Whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary, a promotion, or even a passing out from school or college, these small celebrations with our families have made up our past year. And as we gather with our loved ones to celebrate such occasions, it always comes with making food!

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Lockdown has surely awakened our inner chefs, so for the next time when you have something to celebrate- we bring you this easy recipe of dahi kurkuri tikki that will be a hit at your next home party.

These tikkis are easy to make

To make this dish, you would require one cup of hung curd, one-fourth cup of paneer, two-three tablespoons of coriander seeds, thirty grams of milk powder and cornflour, one tablespoon chopped green chilli, salt and chilli powder according to taste, half cup of bread crumbs and oil for frying.

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For forming the hung curd place a clean muslin cloth over a sieve. Pour the curd and bring together the edges of the cloth. Then drain up excess whey from the curd. Let it sit for a while. Take a bowl and add crumbled pieces of paneer. Then add the rest of your ingredients into the bowl and mix with paneer. Form a dough and then divide it into six equal parts, shape them into a tikki and fry them in a pan till golden brown. Now, place your kurkuri dahi on a plate with chutney and enjoy!

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Make this snack, and let us know how you liked it!

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