These Fruity Delights Make The Perfect Breakfast To Melt Anushka Sharma’s Heart


Anushka Sharma’s trip to England is no more news. Nor are we unaware of how she has embraced casual and cute clothing in her postnatal days. But what’s making us skip a heartbeat is her array of food posts during her stay in England. The Bollywood actress has not compromised on her cravings and we can’t help but follow her Instagram Stories and posts to see what’s coming up next on her plate. Want to know what stole our newbie mother’s heart this morning? Look no further because Anushka herself revealed a good-for-your-health bowl that she chose for her breakfast.

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The photo, shared on her Instagram Stories, showed a flavourful bowl laden with the bounties of fruits, oats and yoghurt. Anushka couldn’t have missed any nutrients with this warm bowl filled with fresh and luscious kiwi, watermelon, tangerine, dates, banana slices and dragon fruit. We saw that peeping through this melange of colours was a portion of muesli with oatmeal, dried seeds and raisins. To this nearly perfect healthy bowl was added a hearty dash of yoghurt that got a supercharged dose of chia seeds. 

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If this “breakfast done right” bowl can give so much health and warmth on an English morning, do we not expect a good garnish to push it to perfection? The bowl wouldn’t let us complain about that. It had a few herb leaves tucked under the fruit slices and small pink flowers were sprinkled on the surface. The mix was served in pastel pink bowls and saucers that made the dish absolutely Instagram-worthy. Take a look:

Instagram story by Anushka Sharma

Anushka couldn’t stop her indulgence at a bowl of fruits and oatmeal and we knew that. So we waited until she showed us another dish that could’ve slightly photo-bombed into the previous photo. And what did we see? A hearty pile of juicy pancakes which had a punch of fruits, cream and purple flowers. She wrote over the photo, “Girl needed this.”


Anushka Sharma Instagram story 

Recently, Anushka had shared a photo of a breakfast smoothie bowl on Instagram. She had also shared a picture with Virat over a breakfast platter.

Anushka may be far from over with her food trip and we dote on her for more photo treats all the way from England.

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