Tea In 2 Minutes! Viral ‘Tea Bombs’ Is The Latest Trend Brewing On Instagram

Tea In 2 Minutes! Viral

This viral food trend is taking over Instagram for good reason.


  • Tea bombs are the latest food trend to take over Instagram
  • They involve readymade balls filled with tea leaves and other goodies
  • Simply pop them into a cup of hot water and enjoy

A cup of tea is all you need to cheer yourself up when the going gets rough. But sometimes, even prepping it can seem an arduous task. There are days when all you want to do is just snuggle into the comforts of your blanket with a warm and satisfying brew. What if we told you there was an easy way to make a cup of tea without much hassle? A new food trend called ‘Tea Bombs’ has begun to take Instagram by storm. It helps you prepare a simple and heartwarming cup of tea in a matter of minutes. Are you wondering how? Read on!

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‘Tea Bombs’ is the latest trend to mesmerise foodies on Instagram. This food trend actually takes off from the ‘Hot Chocolate Bombs’ which had gone viral around Christmas 2020. All you had to do was to dunk a ball of chocolate into hot milk to see it exploding, and the perfect cup of hot chocolate would be ready! The making of ‘Tea Bombs’ follow a very similar process, except that the globes are made with sugar and filled with all sorts of goodies.

There are thousands of tea varieties across the world, and Tea Bombs are made with a select few. Some prefer to fill their tea bombs with flavours such as chamomile and lavender, while others opt for a simple green or lemon tea. While some Tea Bombs contain teabags, others are filled with the leaves directly. There is also an option to fill up the Tea Bombs with other fancy ingredients that make it even more visually appealing. Food bloggers are adding everything from edible glitter to crushed flower petals to make their cup of tea look stunning!


With an increased focus on immunity, it’s only a matter of time before Tea Bombs feature immune-boosting herbs such as Turmeric and Ginger too. Would you like to try this interesting and unique viral food trend? What would you put in your version of it? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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