Tandoori Chaat: This Smokey And Spicy Tandoori Chaat Is All About Indulgence


There is no doubt that Indian food is a mix of various flavours that burst into our mouths. While there are many things we eat, one of the things that we all have our hearts set on are tandoori flavours! Whether it is tandoori chicken, tandoori paneer, or even tandoori mushroom- the smokey, burnt and charcoal-like taste is loved by most of us! However, we might find it hard to bring that same tandoori restaurant like flavour at home. But fret not! If you also want to indulge in all things tandoori and get that restaurant like taste, then today we bring you a recipe of delicious tandoori chaat!

This tandoori chaat is filled with different ingredients and a lot of spices that you will absolutely love to devour. Made with pineapple, paneer, apple and capsicum, potato and apple, this tandoori chaat is undoubtedly a new twist to your regular chaat recipes. Make this dish for when you have a gathering at home or when you want to impress your family with your cooking skills! Pair it with some chutney for maximum indulgence.

Here Is The Recipe Of Tandoori Chaat | Tandoori Chaat Recipes

First, take four pieces of pineapple, paneer, apple and capsicum, boiled potato and boiled apple. Next, skewer the ingredients: pineapple, red pepper, yellow bell pepper, sweet potato, and paneer. Repeat the sequence in convenient batches. Roast them in a moderately hot tandoor or a charcoal grill, or in the preheated oven, for 3 minutes. Remove and keep aside.

Take this out in a bowl and salt, vinegar, red chilli powder, salt, anardana powder,chaat masala and mix well and serve!

Watch the full recipe of tandoori chaat in the header above.

Make this recipe and let us know how you liked the taste of it.

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