Tamasha Perfectly Blends Heritage And Modern Along With Party, Music And Food


An unforgettable and almost exclusive outdoor seating, vibrant and chic indoor setting, and a private courtyard are rare attributes in the restaurants in Delhi, especially in Connaught Place. Tamasha, located on Kasturba Gandhi Marg, is a restaurant that embodies all of the above and more. With its wide choices of cuisines to select from, Tamasha is a perfect choice not only for family outings but also for clubbing and private parties.  

On our recent visit to Tamasha, we were very warmly greeted by the manager who seated us in the sprawling outdoor space. We were pleasantly surprised by the choice of drinks and food offered to us. We decided to start with Hummus Martine, Mexican Tandoori Mushrooms, and Tikka Tasters. The Mexican Mushrooms absolutely stole our hearts and even with the option of delicious-looking Tikkas, we found ourselves reaching for more and more mushrooms. The Hummus Martine, which was essentially a smooth and rich hummus with pickles, salsa, and Pita on the side, acted as a great palate cleanser from all the spices of Mexican and Indian tikkas.  

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For drinks, one could choose from a glorious list of red, white or rose wines, or pick a drink or shot of choice from the molecular bar section. We tasted the Sangria de Ciroco and Tamasha Smash both of which had a unique and refreshing taste. One could also choose from the European, American or Asian section each of which had a carefully planned list of drinks that could become Sophie’s choice for you.  

For the main course, we decided to pick an entirely different cuisine, Thai. Very few fusion restaurants are capable of balancing the delicate flavours of Thai cuisine, and we must say that Tamasha stood very high up in our ranking of Thai cuisine. The rich and thick red and green curries were almost a welcome surprise on our palate. The other dish that caught our attention on the menu was Jack Daniel infused Dal Makhni. The flavour of Jack Daniel with hints of dry spices, oily nuts and a touch of smoke would be carried so well by the mildly spicy dal makhani is something we are still grappling with. This combination is a true testament of the care and perfection with which the menu of Tamasha cafe has been designed by the chef Ravinder Sigh

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In addition to a good ambience, great food and a lively vibe, a good restaurant can be sincerely judged by the quality of its waiting staff. And the waiting staff at Tamasha was a cherry on the cake. They were not just polite and courteous but also had an in-depth knowledge of each of the dishes ordered and were a great and patient help in the selection process. If you do end up going to Tamasha cafe, and we insist that you do at least once, please say hi to Ashwin and Ranjit for us.  

Where: 28, Block A, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, Connaught Place, New Delhi
Price for two: ₹1,600 for two people (approx.) with alcohol

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