Sweet And Spicy: Try These 5 Bengali Chutneys To Make With Your Next Meal


When you search for unusual Bengali cuisine, you often find much more than what you expected. The gravy’s simple seasonings and flavourings display the wonder of Bengal’s culinary culture. Many different communities have shaped the food habits, tastes, preferences of Bengal. While we know that Bengal has endless options for food and the taste never fails to surprise us. The other thing which plays a prominent role in intensifying the taste of this food are the lip-smacking Bengal’s Chutneys. These chutneys play a fair part in Bengali cuisine and the food might seem incomplete without these lip-smacking chutneys.

The Chutney’s are thick and flavourful and gives the right flavour to compliment the food.

Here Are 5 Bengali Chutneys For You To Make At Home

1.Plastic Chutney:

As weird as plastic chutney sounds, it is one of the most famous chutneys in Bengal. Bengali Plastic Chutney is nothing more than raw papaya chutney that looks like melted plastic. If you are thinking, why is this dish called a plastic chutney? Then it’s only because of the glossy translucent texture the papaya gets after being dipped in sugar. To make this chutney all you need to do is cut your papaya into thin pieces. After that take a wok and mix salt, sugar and water in it. When they combine, throw in your thin papaya slices and let it cook for 10 minutes on low heat. Make this easily at home and pair it with any food that you like!

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Raw papaya chutney is easy and quick to make!

2. Tomato-Khajur Chutney:

Tomato, cranberry, and dates are used to make the Bengali Style Tomato Khajur Chutney. This Chutney is a simple side dish made with flavours that are sweet, sour, and tangy. This Chutney will tingle the sense of taste. This one Chutney is especially common for Bengalis because it is a prevalent flavor in their dishes. Check out the recipe for this Tomato-Khajur Chutney here!


Try this with the snacks you make

3. Red Pumpkin Chutney:

Many have not heard about this Chutney, but once you get your hands on this one, it makes a delicious affair to have with all kinds of food. The cooked and mashed red pumpkin is mixed with spices like chillis, tamarind, raisins, which gives it both sweet and savoury flavour. If you are serving hot crunchy snacks, this chutney could be the perfect side dish.


Try this chutney with the pakodas next time. 

4. Bengal Apple Chutney:

While this may not be that popular, the Bengal apple chutney certainly holds its name among Bengalis. This sweet and sour Chutney is easy to make at home, so if you have any leftover apple, mash it up and put it in the pan to make this tangy Chutney. Check out these other apple recipes!


This sweet sauce give a tingly taste

5. Kasundi:

Kasundi is traditional Bengali chutney that goes well with snacks, light meals, and appetizers. This delicious plate, also known as Bengal Mustard Sauce, is made with tomato, mustard seeds, white vinegar, cayenne pepper, and garlic. During the monsoon season, serve this simple recipe with your favourite fritters and immerse yourself in the world of spicy flavours. One of the benefits of making this delicious recipe is that it could be stored for days.

Let us know which chutney is your favourite and which meal you would like to pair it with.

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