Sussanne Khan’s bear crawl exercise with Malibu Khan is cutest thing on Internet


Entering the work week by scoring high on energy and cuteness quotient, Sussanne Khan gave fitness enthusiasts a glimpse of her rigorous workout session with Malibu Khan and it is cutest thing on the Internet today. Serving the perfect Monday motivation with her latest workout video of bear crawl, which is an excellent cardio exercise in core control and focused breathing, Sussanne’s video featured a cameo by Malibu which was enough to brush aside our blues with love.

Sussanne recently introduced Malibu Khan, her pet dog from bichon frise breed as her new family member to the world. Earlier this year, she welcomed a new puppy, a tiny jet-black Shih Tzu, into the family whom she named Purple Khan.

Taking to her social media handle, Sussanne shared the video featuring her donning a black spaghetti top teamed with a pair of sheer black tights and a pair of spotless white sneakers to complete her athleisure look. Pulling her brown tresses into a top knot with a white hairband, Sussanne was seen on all fours with black gloves worn on hand and weight strapped on her shoulders.

Using the strength in her shoulders, quads and abdominal muscles, Sussanne bore her body weight on her hands and toes rather than her knees as she crawled forward and backward to perform the bodyweight mobility exercise as her cheerful, small bichon frise pet dog gave her company. She shared in the caption, “Bear crawling with my little confused polar bear… Malibuuu u are my nonstop entertainment. #suzqpawpack (sic).”


Very similar to a baby crawl, bear crawl fires up the practitioner’s cardio fitness and provides a real core challenge as it is a great all-in-one exercise that works all the major muscle groups in unison. It not only builds strength and power but also boosts one’s metabolism, improves cardiovascular fitness, burns fat and calories efficiently, strengthens and increases endurance in arms, shoulders and chest and hone one’s body control and spinal stability.

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