Sushmita Sen’s robust core strengthening workout is all the healing vibe we need


In a display of exceptional body strength, Aarya star Sushmita Sen recently gave fans a glimpse of her intense core strengthening workout and we have already forgotten mid-week blues as we watch the diva’s fitness video that was packed with healing vibes. Returning to gymnastic rings, her favourite workout prop for rigorous core and shoulder strengthening, Sushmita made fans drop their jaws hard on the floor as they went speechless and awestruck to see her perform inversions and stretches in the air while we struggle to mimic the same on ground.

Taking to her social media handle, Sushmita shared the video featuring her in all black athleisure wear and hair pulled back into a knot to keep her tresses off her face during the robust exercise session. Setting the gymnastic rings quite high, Sushmita flaunted incredible body strength as she initially suspended herself in sleeping position in the air and then inverted upside down effortlessly on the rings.

Gymnastic rings are one of the most effective body weight training tools for fitness enthusiasts looking to develop a strong and muscular upper body. While they also allow one to do pull ups, dips, pushups and various other exercises, intense core and shoulder strength too can be achieved easily by setting the rings higher.

Raising the bar of fitness goals with her courageous spirit since inversions are possible only for those with a strong upper and lower back, abdominals and internal and external obliques, Sushmita balanced herself on the gymnastic rings with her head downwards and feet up in the air. She shared in the video’s caption, “#meditation in action #sharing a feeling, I call alive It doesn’t take strength…it takes WILL!!! Back to my practice…HOW I’ve missed this feeling!!! I love you guys!!! #feel #alive #practise #will #breathe #gratitude #gymnasticrings #duggadugga Music: Thai Buddhist Monks chanting healing mantra (YouTube)”sic.


Apart from improved spinal health, increased flexibility and blood draining quickly to the heart, inversions on rings also helps clear congestion as tissue fluids flow more efficiently into the veins and lymph channels of the lower extremities, abdominal and pelvic organs when the body hangs upside down. This facilitates a healthier exchange of nutrients and wastes between cells and capillaries.

Though outwardly it inevitably conquers the fear of being upside down as an adult, inversions on gymnastic rings inwardly improves shoulder mobility and positively impacts the immune system, cardiovascular system, nervous and endocrine systems and also the lymphatic system with the increased fluid and blood flow. It aides the reduced need for back surgery.

The exercise stimulates the release of neurotransmitters and endorphins that help us feel good by flushing the adrenal glands and lowers heart and blood pressure while refreshing the brain by flooding it with freshly oxygenated blood. Reducing muscle tension or reducing muscles spasms in the neck, back, shoulders and easing headaches are added bonuses of this workout.

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