Summer-Special Doogh Recipe: Have Your Tried This Afghani Buttermilk (Chaas) Yet


Summer is upon us. Just when we think the scorching heat is getting unbearable, a soul-soothing glass of chaas comes to our rescue. Chaas (also called buttermilk) is a popular drink that strikes chord with every heart with its rustic and earthy flavour. It is cool, hydrating and comes with a pool of health benefits – thanks to the yogurt in the recipe. Yogurt (or curd/dahi) is the most important ingredient in a chaas recipe and has a rich nutrient-profile. It is a storehouse of probiotics, calcium, vitamins and several essential minerals that help cleanse our gut and strengthen immunity. Besides, the probiotic in dahi promotes good bacteria that keeps up our body balance, hydrates and energises us time to time. These factors further help cool us down and beat the heat.

The most common way to enjoy chaas is adding a tadka of roasted jeera, mint and curry leaves to it – popularly referred to as ‘masala chaas‘. However, you will be surprised to know that while researching about chaas, we came across the fact that almost every state in India has its unique chaas recipe. For instance, ghol in Bengal and neer mor in South India. Keeping the dahi constant, all these recipes see some tweaks in the ingredients. In fact, we found that some foreign cuisines too have butter milk as a part of their food culture. One such instance is Afghani doogh. It is also referred to as ayran, dhalle and tan across Western, Central and South Asia, and Southeastern and Eastern European countries. Afghani doogh is basically a yogurt-based drink made with water and salt. You may also add mint, jeera powder and other herbs and spices as per your choice.

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Buttermilk is a popular drink during the summers
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How To Make Summer-Special Doogh | Afghani Buttermilk (Chaas) Recipe:

For this particular recipe, we need dahi, cucumber, black pepper, black salt, mint leaves, water and ice cubes. We are quite sure, the ones who like cucumber raita have already related to the taste. Right?

All you need to do is grate the cucumber, crush the mint leaves and mix with dahi, water, black salt, black pepper and whip until it turns frothy. Serve in a tall glass with some ice cubes. You may also just throw in everything in a blender and blend. It is as simple as it sounds.

Click here for the step by step recipe of Afghani-Style Buttermilk (Chaas).

This classic particular recipe also sees a variation where it is carbonated (made fizzy) by replacing plain water with club soda. Some people also like using sparkling water instead.

Prepare Afghani doogh today and impress your friends and family. And for more such chaas recipes (from across India), click here.

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