South Indian Desserts: How To Make Boorelu – A Traditional Dessert From Andhra Pradesh


South Indian dessert Boorelu boasts of the goodness of chana dal and urad dal.


  • South Indian cuisine boasts of many lesser-known desserts
  • Boorelu is a traditional dessert from the Andhra region
  • Here is how you can make the urad -chana dal based dessert at home

Think of south Indian food and our mind immediately wanders to the much-loved idli-dosa, vada and sambar with lip-smacking coconut chutney. If you go farther, you’ll think of all the rich and spicy curries made with mustard seeds, curry leaves and creamy coconut milk. The coastal cuisine is another highlight that steals the show with its Malabar curries. And as we satiate ourselves with all these mouth-watering treats, the wide array of sweet treats take a backseat. And no we aren’t talking about just payasam or Mysore pak.

If you explore south Indian cuisine to depth, you’ll find many decadent treats to relish post meal. Much beyond the popular payasam, there is Kalathappam from Kerala or Adhirasam from Tamil Nadu and much more which can comfort your sweet tooth beyond words. Boorelu, a traditional dessert from Andhra Pradesh, is another gem from south India that spells decadence. Prepared primarily on Telegu festivals such as Varalakshmi Vratham or Durga Navratri, Boorelu (also known as Poornalu) is a simple, quick and easy dumpling dessert. It is stuffed with the goodness of chana dal, laced in urad dal with aromatic flavours of coconut and cardamom along with sugary decadence.

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How To Make Boorelu- A Telegu Dessert | Boorelu Recipe

While the dessert may sound difficult to prepare at home but the simple, handful of ingredients make it an easier one to try on special occasions. All one need is to soak and grind the urad dal and rice together to make a thick batter and ferment it overnight. This would be the batter you would dip sweet chana dal dumplings into. For the dumplings, make a mix of cooked chana dal with sugar, coconut and cardamom powder, divide into small balls, dip in urad dal batter and deep-fry in ghee until crisp and golden! You can also use jaggery instead of refined sugar. Doesn’t it sound way too easier than you thought?

Find the full recipe of Boorelu here.


Perfect for dinner party desserts or just to satiate your sugar cravings, you can serve Boorelu as is or with a sweet chaashni.

Try this south Indian dessert at home and share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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