Sonnalli Seygall is ‘just casually showing off’ her shoulder mobility. And, we’re watching in awe


Sonnalli Seygall can just casually do intense workout routines. What may look dead difficult for you, may just be a casual workout for Sonnalli – we are not saying, Sonnalli is saying. On Tuesday, the actor decided to make us drool with a snippet that documented the flexibility that her shoulders have – we are still in awe at what she did.

In the video, the Sonnalli Seygall can be seen in her gym athleisure, in a gym setup, when she decided to just casually show off her shoulder mobility with a short glimpse. Dressed in a blue tie and dye printed sports bra and a pair of black gym trousers, Sonnalli can be seen lying down on her chest and picking up a stick from the floor. In the later part of the video, the actor can be seen lifting the stick with both hands and then rotating the shoulders with no difficulty and covering 180 degrees and placing the stick near to her buttocks, all the while holding it with both hands.

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“Hi. Just casually showing off my shoulder mobility,” wrote Sonnalli in the video. With the video, she also asked her Instagram family to try this at their home. However, she also mentioned that such exercises should only be attempted in the presence of a fitness guide. Sonnalli added these hashtags to her post and shared her fitness state of mind – #fitnesschallenge and #mobilitytraining. Take a look at her video here:

Shoulder mobility brings several health benefits for the body. Improved shoulder mobility helps in more efficient movement patterns, thereby offering better performance output. It also helps in improving the muscle and joint health by proving more flexibility. When incorporated in the daily fitness routine, improved shoulder mobility helps in reducing the risk of injuries as well.

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