Sonakshi Sinha sets Pilates goals a notch higher as she returns ‘back to grind’


Bollywood celebrities have made Pilates a fitness trend since the past year and as the Covid-19 lockdown lifts in several Indian states, Dabangg star Sonakshi Sinha was seen returning “back to the grind” in the gym. Setting workout goals a notch higher, the diva was seen sweating it out on the Pilates reformer as gyms reopened in Mumbai after the two-month lockdown and we are inspired to improve the overall posture of our rusted bodes and strengthen our core muscles.

Taking to her social media handle, the actor shared a video straight from the gym, featuring her donning a half sleeves black round-neck tee, teamed with a pair of black tights and hair pulled back in a high ponytail to ace the athleisure look. Sitting on a Pilates reformer, Sonakshi was seen sitting straight on the slider and pulling the straps towards her hips.

Reformers are workout machines which enhance core stability along with good postural alignment in those who use it for workouts. A pilate studio might appear like a war-zone to you but it works wonders for those in pursuit of a well-toned and strong body.

Next, the diva was seen leaning on the long box with one arm and performing side bend with her other hand behind her head. She captioned the video, “Back to the grind with @namratapurohit! (sic).”


Named after its creator, Joseph Pilates, the exercise aims to strengthen the body with focus on proper postural alignment, core strength and muscle balance. Beginners can do most of the Pilates moves at home including the hundred, the roll-up, the shoulder bridge or the criss-cross as they are absolutely fun to do even without the use of a reformer.

After the whirlwind year that 2020 and half of 2021 have been, if you are looking to finely tune your brain and nervous system then Pilates should be your go-to physical therapy.

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