Sofiana Biryani: This Biryani Is Truly A Hidden Gem Of Hyderabadi Cuisine (Recipe Inside)


Hyderabad is popular for numerous things – its pearls, craftsmanship, architecture, historical monuments and restaurants like nizams but most importantly ‘biryani’. The diversity of the aromatic ingredients and the accurate preparation is what gives Hyderabadi biryani its exclusive flavour and character. From the very popular zafrani biryani and chicken tikka biryani to mutton keema biryani, Hyderabad undoubtedly has myriad versions of biryani to offer. In this article, we are going to introduce you to a hidden gem from the list of hyderabadi biryanis and that is sofiana biryani.

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Whenever somebody touts about Hyderabadi biryani, the obvious biryanis that strike our mind is saffron-flavoured biryani or spicy version of biryanis which is available in every nook and corner of Hyderabadi streets. Right? But let us tell you, sofiana biryani, also known as safeda (because it’s white), is an absolute exclusion. Unlike other biryani, the richness of this biryani comes from the use of khoya and creamy malai along with the list of whole spices (khada masala). In addition to it, this biryani is lighter and milder on the stomach. So, without any further ado, let’s learn how to make this creamy, white and flavourful biryani.

Here’s How To Make Sofiana Biryani | Sofiana Biryani Recipe

To begin with the preparation of sofiana biryani, take a heavy vessel and add soaked basmati rice along with whole spices and a spoon of ghee and salt. Boil it until it gets half cooked. Then drain the rice and spread it on a big plate. Keep it aside for some time.

Moving forward to the biryani mixture, heat oil in a pan, add onion and wait until they get brown and crispy then keep it aside. In another pan, add ghee along with whole spices and let them splutter and fragrant. Then add onions and ginger paste, keep sauteeing for 5 minutes. Now add chicken along with blended heavy cream, khoya and almond paste. Cover it and let it cook for some time.

The last step is to add rice on top of it with fried onion and cover the vessel for some time. Garnish it with mint leaves, chopped almonds and boiled eggs.

Click here for a step-by-step detailed recipe Sofiana Biryani.

So, what are you waiting for? Try this unique chicken biryani at home whenever you crave for a bowl of soul-soothing biryani and let us know how you liked it in the comment section below.

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