So Fresh Delhi : This Place In Delhi Is Baking Pizza In Shape Of Your Name’s Initials,Tried It Yet?


So Fresh Delhi is a home-grown brand which started during the pandemic by a sister duo Rounak Dua and Muskan Dua as they were feeling highly “unproductive”. Without any past culinary experience, this brand started with the passion for food and a vision to venture into hospitality and dining. They initially decided to deliver customized pizzas to those nearby and donate part of the proceeds to COVID-19 relief funds, but the idea picked up among youth and the menu was extended with the increase in demand . As a result, they started delivering across Delhi NCR.

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The owners told us that everything is made from scratch by using the freshest ingredients possible. The menu includes a selection of oven fresh gourmet and customized pizzas, temptingly laden with cheese, veggies, sauces and toppings (customisable). Both the founders tried to bring different types of pizzas from all over the world to the menu, with a goal to spread happiness around one pizza at a time. Furthermore, they also deliver a variety of pastas, raviolis and some heavenly desserts. New York cheesecake, chocolate cinnamon cake with chocolate glaze, marble cake loaf are few options from the ‘people’s choice’. They also offer sides like parmesan potato wedges and even hummus for everyone who do not want to move beyond their usual fast-food itinerary.

Their ‘We heart you’ pizza is winning the hearts among couples. Many people have started ordering these customized pizzas instead of cakes for celebrating their birthdays or special occasions. This pizza delivery service also offers an option to ”design your own pizza” and other dishes with the available toppings.

For a detailed menu and to place the order you can drop them a message at 9958833833.

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