Smriti Irani’s Daughter Prepared These Delectable Dishes And It Will Make You Drool


The bond between a mother and their child is always special. As we grow up, we learn about all the small and big things that life offers us. And in this journey, our parents always come forward as support in the good and bad times. While there are many things and habits that we take up from our family, one of the most important ‘life skills’ that our mothers teach us is cooking. At some point, we all have been a right hand to our mother, passing them masala ka dabba or adding some water to the dal – many of us have grown to learn cooking while being assistants to them. And as this special bond ties us together, the same seems to be happening with Union Minister Smriti Irani.

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Recently posting on her Instagram stories, Union Minister Smriti Irani shared a series of delectable dishes prepared by her daughter Zoish Irani. These yummy dishes included dim sums topped with chilli oil, a vegetable pizza and crispy potatoes covered in a sauce. In her stories, Union Minister Smriti Irani also tagged her daughter and adorably wrote “Chef @zoishiranii.” Take a look:

Dim sums in Smriti Irani Instagram story


Crispy potatoes in Smriti Irani Instagram story


Pizza in Smriti Irani Instagram story

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If these dishes have made you hungry, we have just the recipes you need to cook them easily at your home. Check out these dim sums, chilli oil and vegetable pizza recipes.

Smiriti Irani often shares about her life and her work on Instagram. The actor turned politician has earlier also posted about her daughter’s cooking of a delicious turkey and yummy pastries.

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